Artist/Owner: Johnny Jackson

I have been tattooing for almost 30 years and I take alot of pride in my name and my tattooing.
My hours have changed. I now work Tuesday-Friday noon till 6 pm.
I only do custom tattoos
I do not like to copy tattoos but draw my own from the ideas you have.




Send me an email with the following..
description of the tattoo
size of tattoo you want
location of the tattoo
dates available to start
correct phone contact

If I decide to take on your project I will be in contact, as you will then need to secure your appt. with a $100 deposit and when I receive deposit we will move forward.

I can not discuss pricing over the Internet as there are many factors to consider for proper pricing of a tattoo. Such as details in final design choice and colors.
(rates are 150 hourly) minimum on custom work is 2 hours
After initial consultation deposit is final I will get you in as soon as possible. Typical wait is 1 to 3 weeks preparation time on most designs.
After I am done with your custom design I throw it away and will not tattoo that design again.
Please do your research before you email me as I am very busy always and can not get to every single email and will only answer serious inquiries only.

Thank you
Johnny Jackson